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suspended bronze 4

            FOUNDRY FORMS


These sculptures express the beauty and alchemy of the metal casting  process and the materials used. They are a selection of pieces that resulted from the journey exploring how the materials behave in their various states, both fluid and static. 








I enjoy working with collage for the spontaneity and humour that spills out of the compositions.


        WORK IN PROGRESS 2016


My recent  explorations involves combining my sculptural forms with found objects, both man made and natural and exploring how they resonate with each other. I have become interested in the 'Wunderkrammer' principle, which is the art of creating an environment that represents a complete cosmology in a small space or room. Watch this 'small space'........


                       GAIA COLLECTION


From the heart of the earth the Gaia collection is a series of hand-crafted  terracotta figures inspired by timeless Goddess forms both ancient and modern, dark and light. A journey of discovery where inner and outer landscapes meet in the experience of being a woman in this world, this time and in this body.




           UNISON FOUNTAIN                                   COMMISSION


This large fountain was commissioned by UNISON for Bryn Gwyn Hospice in Llanelli, West Wales. Since completing the piece in 2000 I have been deeply moved by the heartfelt response from patients, their families and the staff at the hospice. One Love.


Always popular....!

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