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My sculptural installations are constructed from a diverse range of materials including found and ready-made objects, handcrafted forms, drawings, and shadows. The objects and materials that I use encompass many elements -  symbolic, representational, organic, formal, permanent and transient.

My creative process is a journey of continuous discovery which embraces logic, intuition, emotion, and trust. As I move the elements around, adding, removing, manipulating and communing, the work pushes and pulls itself into the next state of completion. As each answer is revealed, often in unexpected and exciting ways, a new question arises which informs the next step. The space becomes a metaphysical playground and hints at the extraordinary that exists in every ordinary moment.

The concepts and methodology that I embrace are in part influenced by the theories and works of the Surrealist, Feminist, and Abstract Expressionist art movements. Further inspiration is drawn from my interest in anthropology, spirituality, shamanism, nature, and psychology.




Hosiery, cast iron cannonballs, anvil, life cast plaster hand, eggs, synthetic hair, steel hoops, cast bronze skull, led candle, copper pipe, sand, ceramic balls, stainless steel nut, cable ties, drawing, shadow, mirror, glass pyramid.


Hosiery, animal skull, and bone, copper pipe, cast iron cannonball, glass spheres, feathers, bracelet, steel hoops, lamp shade, feather duster, rams horns.


Hosiery, glass light bulb, cast iron cannon balls, shuttlecocks, hat pins, sand, rusty iron hoop.


Cast bronze sunburst, iron cartwheel rims, coloured sand, copper pipe, mirror.


Hosiery, osterich egg, cast iron cannonball.

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