"In all chaos there is a cosmos. In all disorder a secret order"     Carl  Jung



My work is a constant search to find ways of expressing my own personal inner mythology and relationship with the world. As I build my visual language and understanding of how the dynamics between the inner and outer realities are revealed, it is reminiscent of the Shamanic journey which is to be a ‘bridge’ between two worlds.

I do not limit myself to particular materials or processes and will incorporate found objects, both natural and man made in order to express the symbiotic relationship between the objects and how they can evoke an insight into both personal and universal mythologies.

I have always used various traditional sculptural techniques and materials including bronze casting, stone carving, modelling, drawing, and life casting. With each process and material that I engage with I will explore how the material behaves and my emotional response to the experience without being too attached to the meaning or outcome. My understanding often occurs after the work has found it’s identity which can reveal itself in unexpected and exciting ways. Working in this way allows me to engage with the process using both logic and intuition, memories and insights, dreams and observations.

I consider my creative journey as a constant ‘work in progress’ as each exploration informs my present, my future as well as my past.






Carmen is a multi-diciplinary sculptress based near Newcastle Emlyn, West Wales. Born in London in 1964 she moved to Wales with her family in 1972 and grew up on a dairy farm in Carmarthenshire.

She completed a sculpture HND at West Wales School of the Arts in 2002. During this time in college she completed a large sculptural fountain for UNISON which is sited at Bryn Gwyn Hospice in Llanelli.

She went on to buy and renovate a smallholding and set up a Glamping business and built a sculpture workshop on the premises.

She developed the 'Gaia Collection' which is a craft based business comprising of a range of terracotta sculptures which have proved popular both in the UK and abroad.

Carmen recently returned to Coleg Sir Gar to complete a BA in sculpture in order to continue to develop her fine art practice.

Her current sculptural work consists of exploring the relationship between her hand crafted sculptures, found objects both natural and man made and grouping them together to create installations that evoke a glimpse into her inner cosmological landscapes.