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          'Praxis and process in an uncertain world' 
The body of work that I am developing is concerned with constructing forms that express the feminine in all her manifestations.  The forms encompass a plethora of materials and techniques,  both traditional and non-traditional in the spirit of the feminist art movement. 
The work is essentially an installation that is created using a diverse range of materials that are sourced in and around the locality where the work is created. The materials used include found, ready mades, objects that I find in nature, cast and  handmade components. 
The work is a process that begins with researching the cultural, historical, mythological  and social structures within the environment where I'm creating the work . When the materials have been gathered and the groundwork has been established then the assembling of the forms begins to happen.
The process is organic and very intuitive, and may at times appear somewhat chaotic, however it soon becomes apparent that there is a flow and order that begins to emerge which has a distinct rhythm and cohesion. Each piece is autonomous and yet is also part of the group which suggests the principles and dynamics of Gestalt. As each piece manifests it informs and inspires the next creating a dialogue and a playful tension.  
The sculptures have echos of tribal, fetish, surrealist and process art traditions, and as each piece emerges it has it's own unique personality and language that invites the viewer to engage with the work.
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